Tom Phillipson
Tom Phillipson

Alter Ego

Tom Phillipson


College drop-out and self-procaimed internet phenomenon

Base of Operations

His mother's attic



Team Affiliations

None that anyone else will admit to being members of


Brendan Phillipson

Notable Aliases

Conspirator X (blog), ToiletMonitor81 (AIM), douche bag loser (IRL)



Outcast at a young age for his penchant for toilets and Nazi denial Tom went into a seclusion that only worsened in high school. During this period of his life he made no friends and few acquaintances. Finally graduating high school in his mid twenties he went on to college where he excelled at nothing and was kicked out after earning one credit in seven years.

Tom is also keen on conspiracy theories, and never really met a cover-up he didn't like. He's found a wealth of them by competing in March Meekrat Madness.

March Meekrat Madness 2010Edit

Tom Phillipson will be participating in this, along with his brother, as champions of the Stupid. They lost to CAST in the first round in a laser tag match.