Time-Mind Sync-Warp originally referred to a new webcomic series that would combine PC/MS and AoMP. Since its inception, PC/MS has splintered off once again while Time-Mind Sync-Warp has become a catch-all for anything not involving those characters.


Be warned, traveler: There be spoilers ahead.

1. Trouble on God-Head IslandEdit

In the first storyline, JJ is introduced as the sole survivor of a plane crash. He finds Ethan Crane, Antwon, Owen Reilly, and Pikapunk on the island he's been marooned on, but the god-heads, who caused the crash, continue causing trouble until the Assembly of Antagonists attacks. Meanwhile, in space, Mike P is captured and soon finds himself on the way to God-Head Island, where he aids the others in escape and things turn out okay.

2. The Road to MadnessEdit

Mike P is driven catatonic by the Stupid, and is passed off to various characters before regaining some of his mental capabilities. His disapperance spurs others into action, leading several characters (and Mike P himself) towards March Meekrat Madness 2011.