Talia Andreos
Talia Andreos

Alter Ego

Talia Andreos


Lab assistant

Base of Operations

Castle Valerium (Detroit, MI)



Team Affiliations

Paci Custodis


Doctor Derangemo



Notable Aliases

No information


Keen scientific mind

Various Paci Custodis abilities


No information


No information

Talia Andreos is the assistant to Doctor Derangemo, and a member of the Paci Custodis.


Talia likes to enhance her childhood by adding in stories of betrayal and heartbreak, but in reality, she came from an upper-middle class family and suffered upper-middle class problems. She excelled in school, especially the sciences, and while she went through a period of high school where she experimented with being a happy person, this was quickly abandoned in favor of being insufferable. This, along with her aptitude at science, eventually led her to accept a position with Doctor Derangemo in Castle Valerium, despite the fact that this would isolate her from the rest of humanity for a good amount of the time.

At some point, Paci Custodis powers also manifested within Talia. She hates these powers, but will use them if she needs to. Due to her status, she occasionally crossed paths with the members of Logan Keanu Solo's household and this led Player One to contact her about a mysterious portal that had opened in their backyard. When Talia went to investigate, she found herself on another planet. After aiding Mike P in solving a tricky problem, she returned to Castle Valerium and was placed under house arrest for violating a curfew. She was able to help Mike P thwart the intentions of Squibbons Johnson, however, and deal with the cat-girl Charlotte.

It was rumored that Talia was killed during the Battle for the World that Came, but these rumors proved exaggerated when she appeared and refused to help Mike P during March Meekrat Madness 2010. She did save Mike P from Doctor Derangemo later, though this was an accident.


Talia has a keen scientific mind, some melee combat ability, and various undefined Paci Custodis powers.

Mental StateEdit

Talia's insufferableness might be a result of her status as a Paci Custodis, but this is only a theory.

Friends and AlliesEdit

Talia does not make friends easily. She has several allies, including her employer and co-workers.