Snippley Marrowind

Alter Ego

Snippley Marrowind



Base of Operations

The Old West



Team Affiliations

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Nantucket Dragon Group

Notable Aliases

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Cowboy Santa


Basset Hound Brigade

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Snippley Marrowind was a ne'er-do-well in the Old West, who menaced Cowboy Santa and Elife.


According to Cowboy Santa, Snippley Marrowind was born when Satan cleaned off his boot after stepping in a cow pie. This is probably not what really happened. Snippley regularly concocted elaborate plans to steal land, young ladies, and other things in the Old West, but was continuously stopped by Cowboy Santa and Elife. Later in life, he was tapped by the Nantucket Dragon Group to help them deal with the Basset Hound Brigade once and for all.

A time-plucked Snippley was present at the battle for the world that came, planting bombs while twirling his mustache and laughing. He does not remember it.

March Meekrat Madness 2010Edit

Snippley Marrowind lost to Leo Leopolous in the first round in an annoyance, and is a champion of the Stupid.


Snippley is a cunning foe, and perhaps one of the most dangerous man that has ever existed (alongside Bad Higgins and Agent Villain).


Snippley Marrowind is an enemy to justice, especially when that justice is in the form of Cowboy Santa and Elfie.

Friends and AlliesEdit

Snippley had a rotating cast of evil henchmen to help him do his dirty work.