Alter Ego

Donovan Jonas MacCaulkovich



Civil War Re-enactor (former)

Base of Operations

Detroit, MI



Team Affiliations

Paci Custodis



Notable Aliases

Amos Mann


Limited precognition


No information


No information

Shrugs is a member of the Paci Custodis who had an important role in early episodes of Choose Your Own Blogventure.


Little is known of Donovan Jonas MacCaulkovich's life before becoming a member of the Paci Custodis, save that he enjoyed Civil War Re-enactions and had somehow became friends with the mayor of Detroit, MI. It was during one of these re-enactions that he was gifted with the power of the Paci Custodis. He wandered around for a bit before meeting Logan Keanu Solo and joining his group.

After some adventures, Shrugs was recruited by Player One to undertake a rescue mission on behalf of TYRIS. They failed when the bus they were taking, being driven by a zombie, crashed. They were imprisoned for some time afterwards, before being rescued by Captain Depresso, Player Two, and the Forgiver. They then proceeded to rescue Charleston Charge and participate in the battle for the world that's coming, which no one really remembers.

Shrugs was later captured by the Red Scare, but was rescued by Charleston and others. After this, he and several others set out to return to Detroit. They eventually reached home, without Charleston Charge.

March Meekrat Madness 2009Edit

Shrugs was a participant in this tournament, as a champion of Lamp Prime. He lost against Agent Villain in the first round in a marksmanship contest.

March Meekrat Madness 2010Edit

Shrugs is going to participate in this tournament as well, again as a champion of Lamp Prime. He is assisted by Mortimer the Goat, and the pair defeated Napkin Man and the Spork in the first round, managing to chop more wood. He defeated Captain Depresso in the second round in a farming contest, but lost to Mister Frink in the third round, as his fake Mister Lucky was not as accurate.


Shrugs is a capable survivalist and skilled marksman, and has limited precognition.

Friends and AlliesEdit

Shrugs lives in Logan Keanu Solo's house with several other hunters. He is relatively well-liked due to his demeanor and capability,

Mental StateEdit

After being imbued with the power of the Paci Custodis, Shrugs believed himself to be living the 1860s and refuses to use most modern conveniences. This includes indoor plumbing, anything he can't grow, and modern weaponry. He uses only weapons that were developed around and before the Civil War.

Mortimer the GoatEdit

Shrugs has a milk goat named Mortimer which is a capable fighter. Unfortunately, Clarence has an unnatural attraction for this goat.