Napkin Vixen

Alter Ego

Rebecca Qwaltz



Base of Operations

Detroit, MI



Team Affiliations

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Napkin Man

The Spork

Notable Aliases

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Skilled in self-defense


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Napkin Vixen is a fan-girl who has an obsession with Napkin Man and has become a vigilante to aid him.


Rebecca Qwaltz was born to a suburban family and led a suburban life until she graduated from high school and entered college. One of her first goals during college was obtaining a part-time job, and she became a waitress at Olive Garden. It was during one of her shifts that she first came into contact with Napkin Man and the Spork, who had chased what they perceived to be a mugger (actually a ghoul) into the restaurant. Rebecca was able to aid them in its defeat by using various implements against it, finishing him off with a move from her self-defense class. Conversing with Napkin Man afterwards, she quickly became enamored of the rougish, if goofy, hero. When he rejected her, she decided to become a costumed hero much like him.

She now splits her time between waitressing, college, and vigilantism.

March Meekrat Madness 2010Edit

Napkin Vixen is a participating in this tournament as a champion of Deity Guy. She lost against Tommo in a pizza-eating contest in the first round.


Napkin Vixen is very clever, and is able to utilize random objects as weapons. She also graduated at the top of her self-defense class.

Friends and AlliesEdit

Napkin Vixen follows Napkin Man and the Spork around. She has a crush on Napkin Man, who does not reciprocate. The Spork, however, has a crush on her which she is unaware of. Unlike those two, she is not a member of the Paci Custodis.