Monkeysaurus Rex

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Bank Teller

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Bank teller


Monkeysaurus Rex

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The Monkeysaurus Rex is just a guy who wants to live his life.


Little is known of Monkeysaurus Rex's past. Some claim he came to be when a monkey and tyrannosaurus rex met head-on in some freak time-stream accident. Some claim he is a result of a super-science experiment gone horribly wrong. What is known is that he just wants to live his life, and he works at a bank. Brachiosaur fears him, due to the fact that he is a monkey with the head of a tyrannosaurus. Monkeysaurus Rex was at the battle for the world that came, but does not remember it.

He has a MySpace page with music he performs himself upon it.

March Meekrat Madness 2010Edit

Monkeysaurus Rex is participating as a champion of Deity Guy, but lost against Mike P in the first round in a race to the Amazing Serial Hang-Man.


Monkeysaurus Rex can talk, but often chooses not to, vocalizing his thoughts through exquisitely sad noises.


Brachiosaur hates and fears the Monkeysaurus Rex.

Weapons and ParaphernaliaEdit

The Monkeysaurus Rex must rely on a little wheeled stand to hold up his head. It is a full-sized tyrannosaurus rex head on a monkey's body, after all.