Alter Ego

Maximus Fitzwilliam



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Human (Meta-human)

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Notable Aliases

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Immunity to Poison

Ability to burrow

Heightened senses and agility

Ability to speak to meerkats and other similar creatures


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The Meerkat is a super-hero and special agent of CAST.


Maximus Fitzwilliam was the son of a wealthy family, but was incredibly sickly. As is often the case in these situations, they hired a scientist to cure their son. Eventually, the scientist fortified Maximus's DNA with that of a meerkats, and the young man was healthy once again. As time went on, he began exhibiting unusual powers, and was once again sent off to a scientist. This one saw his potential and so Maximus began his career as the Meerkat, obtaining the intelligent meerkat Pilate on an early mission.

He was present for the Battle for the World that Came, but remembers none of it. After he aided CAST and several super-hero groups in taking down the Red Scare's asylum, he was offered a position at CAST due to his abilities.

March Meerkat Madness 2010Edit

While the Meerkat did not participate, a rumor started that he was part of an inter-dimensional peace-keeping organization. This caused him to be a target for all the villains there.

March Meekrat Madness 2011Edit

Meerkat was asked to attend a meeting by Perry Zalia, and agreed to help find out what was going on concerning the rise in super-villain and supernatural activity. This leads to his involvement in this year's event.


Like a meerkat, Meerkat is immune to poision and is exceptional at burrowing. He also has the heightened senses and agility of his namesake, and the ability to speak to them and similar creatures.

Friends and AlliesEdit

Meerkat's closest friend is his meerkat, Pilate. He also considers many at CAST his allies, especially the heroic Cheif Villain.


Due to the Meekrat Incident, most super-villains know and loath the Meerkat.