March Meekrat Madness is a yearly event put up by the Meekrat Entertainment Group, featuring characters from the universe going up against each other in various events.


The Embodiments decide to pit their various champions against each other, but a mixture of poor planning and the Embodiments' disappearance lead to chaos and Solana Xen and Lord Xigethrope the IV to take the then-winning champions to an isolated planet to finish the tournament. With the help of Leo Leopolous, Charleston Charge, and the tournament's winner, Mike P, they managed to save the Embodiments.


After putting more effort into planning and gathering all of their champions into one place, the Embodiments once again attempt a tournament. This one goes more swimmingly, though Mister Lucky supposed death leads to the Stupid going mad with power and Lamp Prime and Deity Guy falling into despair and drunkenness, respectively. Eventually, the champions forsake the Embodiments and continue on their own, leading to Mike P, Shoshy Raphael, and Owen Reilly winning for their respective champions and going up against the final challenge, Baggy Jesus O'Malley the Jew. He proves too much for them, but with the aid of a crack team put together by a resurfaced Mister Lucky, they manage to succeed and Mike P is declared the winner.


The Embodiments gather once again, but an unknown force is causing chaos in the world of mortals and they decide to let them handle it without their interference.