Lord Tentacula
Lord Tentacula

Alter Ego

Lord Tentacula




Base of Operations

Negaversity, Room 25N


No information

Team Affiliations

Anti-Thrifty Scout Defense Alliance


Diamond Skill 8


Notable Aliases

No information


Able to create monsters using a magic bong


No information


Thrifty Scouts

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Lord Tentacula is an enemy of the Thrifty Scouts.


I don't know much about Lord Tentacula's history, save that he is enrolled at the Negaversity where he attempts to earn college credits and take over the world. In order to earn these credits, he has to battle the Thrifty Scouts, which is he eager to do. He has had many adventures and called forth many monsters in his quest.

March Meekrat Madness 2010Edit

Lord Tentacula is participating in this as a champion of Deity Guy, first besting Scoop Griswald in a photography contest and then defeating Land Captain in a boating obstacle course, sort of. He lost to Ethan Crane in round three in a deadly laser tag match against the Thrifty Scouts.

During his event with Land Captain, chaos broke out. Ethan Crane and Mike P, alerted to the arrival of the Thrifty Scouts by the Stupid, arrived to battle then. Upon finding they had a common enemy, the Anti-Thrifty Scout Defense Alliance (ATSDA) was born and the Thrifty Scouts were beaten down.

March Meekrat Madness 2011Edit

Lord Tentacula somehow summoned Barry, He Who is Death, and this will lead to their mutual involvement in this year's events.


The only one I can remember is that he can summon forth monsters with the aid of a magic bong.

Friends and AlliesEdit

In addition to the Anti-Thrifty Scout Defense Alliance, his college roommates are his friends and allies. The only one I can remember is Diamond Skill 8.