Leo Leopolous

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Leo Leopolous


ZODIAC agent

King of the Lions

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The other lion

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Ability to reason

Ability to talk (voice-box assisted)

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Leon Leopolous (great-grandfather)



Leo Leopolous is a lion riding a bigger lion, and he is an agent of ZODIAC.


Leo was born in Africa and was groomed to become the King of Lions. Like all kings of lions, he was assigned a riding lion early in life, but was still taught all the vital skills needed to be a king of lions. One day, Leroy Cancer was in Africa and happened upon Leo and his riding lion. Thinking that this was marvelous, he had Doctor Aquarius build a voice-box for Leo to allow him to communicate. All Leo ever really says is that he likes the taste of honey on his tongue, and that he wants to kill agents. This may be a glitch in the voice-box system.

Leo Leopolous was present at the battle for the world that came, and it is unclear as to whether or not he was plucked from time. In any case, he might not remember it.

March Meekrat Madness 2009Edit

Leo Leopous participated in this as a champion of the Stupid. He defeated Lauren Peace in a laser tag competition in the first round, won by forfeit against Mister Lucky in the second round, and defeated Purga the Demon-Thing in a race in the third round. He was defeated by Captain Depresso in the fourth round, but as he was the highest ranking champion of the Stupid, he accompanied Mike P, Charleston Charge, Solana Xen, and Xig to a space between dimensions to free the embodiments.

March Meekrat Madness 2010Edit

Leo Leopolous is once again participating as a champion of the Stupid, and defeated Snippley Marrowind in the first round in an annoyance contest. He defeated Disco in the second round, successfully hunting him. He defeated Agent Villain in the third round, reaping more souls. He defeated Baggy Satan in the fourth round after attacking Lamp Prime's champions. He is facing Shoshy Raphael in the fifth round.

During this tournament, it was also revealed that Leo is a popular costume for cosplayers.


Leo Leopolous is an intelligent creature, but still has all the skills and talents of a lion. He may be the perfect killing machine.


Leo Leopolous dislikes poachers and CAST.

Friends and AlliesEdit

Leo's allies are the other ZODIAC agents.

The Other LionEdit

Leo is usually not seen not atop the other lion. It is unknown whether or not this lion has a name, but he is a good lion. Not a lion that's good, but a lion that's good at being a lion, and fairly well-behaved. He is fiercely loyal.