Kyle Albertson

Alter Ego

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Base of Operations

Logan Keanu Solo's house



Team Affiliations

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Logan Keanu Solo and his housemates

Notable Aliases

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Kyle Albertson is a ghoul who is in the employ of Logan Keanu Solo.


Kyle Albertson led a normal life, attending school and making friends, until he had the misfortune to have a run-in with a vampire. The vampire turned Kyle into a ghoul, but due to Kyle's annoyingness, let the young man lead a normal life. And normal it would have been, if he hadn't had the misfortune of having a night class with Logan Keanu Solo, or at least, if Logan was not turned into a member of the Paci Custodis during one of the classes. After a few minutes of fierce activity, Logan absconded with Kyle and left another super-natural creature wounded in the classroom. He then made Kyle his housekeeper, because for some reason Logan doesn't really understand personal liberties and all that. Kyle remains at this house, however, sometimes helping the group of Paci Custodis who live there on their missions.

March Meekrat Madness 2010Edit

Kyle Alberston is participating this as a champion of Deity Guy, defeating Captain Zimball in the first round by being able to stomach more of a slash-fic featuring Dawn of the Dead. He lost to Jonathan Hortenz and Steve the Chach in the second round, unable to resist the siren song of commerce. Also, a naked woman. Mainly commerce.


Kyle has all the powers of a ghoul, whatever those powers may be. He can also clean pretty well, apparently.


While Kyle is annoying, he is nice, and doesn't really have any enemies.

Friends and AlliesEdit

Kyle is basically a non-entity, and people only really notice him when they need to.