Guy Magistro

Alter Ego

Guy Magistro


Easter European Sorcerer

Base of Operations

Nantucket, NJ



Team Affiliations

Nantucket Dragon Group


No information

Notable Aliases

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Skilled sorcerer

Limited lithokinesis


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Basset Hound Brigade

Guy Magistro is a sorcerer who was transported from his home in Easter Europe to the 1920s. He predominately fought the Basset Hound Brigade during that decade.


Guy Magistro was born to pagans sometime in the thirteenth century. Due to the alignment of the moon and stars, he was taken by High Druids and taught the ways of Easter Sorcery. While he initially used his magics to help his village, other villages came and destroyed it, leading to Guy Magistro's decision to take up a life of revenge. He quickly established himself as a scourge among the Easter European countryside. One of his many spoils of war was a green ring with a dragon on its face. On a fateful day, Guy entered an abandoned yurt and when he emerged, it was suddenly 1920. He panicked and started attacking all those around him, ranting in his native tongue, stopping only when Shoshy Raphael and Simon McCockindale arrived to recruit him into the Nantucket Dragon Group.

During the 1920s, they started many plots, but all were foiled by the Basset Hound Brigade. After 1930, their activities became more and more discreet and erratic. Guy Magistro has continued his life of crime and general chaos creation until today. He was present for the battle for the world that came, though he remembers none of it.

March Meekrat Madness 2009Edit

Guy Magistro participated in this as a champion of the Stupid. He lost in the first round to the Forgiver.

March Meekrat Madness 2010Edit

Guy Magistro is participating in this, again as a champion of the Stupid. He lost to Jihad Man in a curling match in the first round.


Guy's main method of attack and defense is his Easter European sorcery. This consists of spell-eggs, and each color combination houses a different spell. They are created by enchanting common eggs, and cast by chucking those eggs at things. Guy also has limited lithokinesis, which means he can manipulate the Earth around him. The ring, and his magics, also grant him unnaturally long life.

When he combines the power of his ring with those of the other members of the Nantucket Dragon Group, they can summon Baggy Satan.

Friends and AlliesEdit

Guy Magistro is a valued member of the Nantucket Dragon Group, and due to his age and demeanor, is the most well-liked by Baggy Satan.

Weapons and ParaphernaliaEdit

Guy has a basket he keeps his enchanted eggs in, and he always wears his green dragon ring.