Guerdon Trueblood

Alter Ego

Guerdon Trueblood



Base of Operations

Nantucket, NJ



Team Affiliations

Nantucket Dragon Group


No information

Notable Aliases

No information


Keen tracking ability

Very athletic

With his ring, has minor aerokinesis


Chief Flying Horse (father, deceased)

Unnamed mother


Basset Hound Brigade

Guerdon Trueblood is a member of the Nantucket Dragon Group.


Guerdon Trueblood was born to Chief Flying Honor and an unnamed mother, and when Guerdon was still a child, his father died from syphillis which he caught from a white prostitute. Guerdon's mother, heart-broken that her husband had been unfaithful and unsure of Guerdon's true parentage because of it, took her own life, leaving Guerdon in the care of the tribe. However, while Guerdon did not know how his father died, the rest of the tribe did, and they ostracized him because of it. As he grew into a young man, he became stronger and more angry with each passing day. One day, his grandfather called him over and told him that his father had died of "the white man's disease" and gave him a yellow dragon ring which he assured Guerdon would someday lead him in his quest for inner peace.

Shortly after this, the government claimed eminent domain over the tribe's lands, casting Guerdon's tribe to the four winds. He walked alone, lashing out at any white man who came across his path, screaming angrily that they took his land at every opportunity, and promising that one day they would pay for all that they had done to him. At one point during his journeys, he was found and recruited by Shoshy Raphael and the Nantucket Dragon Group, agreeing to work with the group of white devils only until he had achieved the revenge he so desperately wanted.

During the 1920s, they started many plots, but all were foiled by the Basset Hound Brigade. After 1930, their activities became more and more discreet and erratic. Eventually, Guerdon turned his anger towards more constructive uses, and opened a chain of casinos in order to take the white man's money. He then uses this money to help his fellow native Americans, though he refuses to help any white man.

Guerdon was present for the battle for the world that came, but remembers none of it.

March Meekrat Madness 2010Edit

Guerdon is participating as a champion of the Stupid, and is facing Purga the Demon-Thing during the first round.


Guerdon is a very fit individual, and is very good at tracking. Guerdon's yellow dragon ring also allows him minor control over the winds, and it grants him extended youth.


Guerdon's only allies are the Nantucket Dragon Group.


Guerdon hates all white men, especially the Basset Hound Brigade.

Weapons and ParaphernaliaEdit

Guerdon carries a ceremonial bow which he doesn't really know how to use all that well, and a ceremonial tomahawk. Guerdon never removes his yellow dragon ring.