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Cinco de Mayo


Squibbons Johnson (former)

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Able to stretch his body to incredible lengths and widths

Able to shoot hardened bits of himself at people


Squibbons Johnson

Assembly of Antagonists

Glob the Blob is... well, a blob, and member of Cinco de Mayo.


Glob's origins are unknown. Mike P first encountered him on a far-off planet, outside of an amusement park. Glob helped him combat the threat of Magical Asexual Monkey Person, but then Mike P was pulled away and Glob was left to fend for himself. He was found by Squibbons Johnson, who enslaved him using his ink as collateral. It is unknown how long Glob traveled with Squibbons, but he was found by Baco and Jerald and broken of his squid ink addiction by Ethan Crane. He was present for the soccer match between Mike P and Squibbons. He was then invited to stay at the resort.

During his time there, he kept trying to kill himself by jumping off the roof. He failed continually, and accompanied Mike P and Purple Lamp to the mall get a new Bangles. He tried to have an alligator eat him, but failed when Mike P wanted him to see a kitten. He was next seen as part of Cinco de Mayo, helping to battle Count Fikeb.

March Meerkat Madness 2009Edit

Glob the Blob participated as a champion of Lamp Prime, but was defeated by Flash Gordon in the first round.

March Meerkat Madness 2010Edit

Glob is participating in this tournament as a champion of Lamp Prime, and as part of Cinco de Mayo. They faced the Scottish Boxman in the first round and won, besting him in a gift-wrapping contest. Their second event involved Mister Lucky and a death-trap defying contest. They won, but at a cost. They lost to Charleston Charge in the third round, failing to obtain a bootleg copy of "Homeboys in Outer Space".


Glob can stretch to incredible lengths and widths, and can shoot hardened bits of himself. When he does this, he must replenish his mass.


Glob will never forgive Squibbons Johnson for hooking him on squid ink. He is also a de facto enemy of the Assembly of Antagonists.

Friends and AlliesEdit

Glob's closest friend is Toddo, and he also considers Mike P and Baco his friends. He considers Cinco de Mayo close allies.


In addition to his former squid ink addiction, Glob is in a constant state of depression for reasons unknown.