Frito Lamp

Alter Ego

Matt McMalley


Philosopher and Burger Jockey

Base of Operations

A two story box



Team Affiliations

Purple Lamps


No information

Notable Aliases

Sir Matt McMalley fifth Earl of Hamburger (self-proclaimed)


Five chili dogs in two minutes

Matt was never a normal boy. As a young child of reading age, while most kids were reading books, Matt read Purple Lamp comics. Later while other kids were competing at sports, Matt would challenge his imaginary friend, Purple Lamp, to eating contests. Matt would frequently lose these competitions. In high school he discovered anime. At the age of fourteen Matt was orphaned when his parents left in the middle of the night because they could not stand the anime. With no family and no home, Matt set to the streets to find his way and to survive. Early on he learned to survive by dumpster diving for scraps and sleeping in boxes. One night a local fast food manager found him rummaging through the dumpster like a raccoon and took pity on Matt. He offered Matt a job and a card board box to sleep in. Since Matt was used to smelling like body odor, he didn't need a shower or bathroom and accepted the offer. Since he began working, Matt has put a second story onto his box and taken up the mantle of his idol Purple Lamp. Matt has vowed to fight the injustice of famine by eating all of the wasted food in the world.

March Meekrat Madness 2010Edit

Frito Lamp will be participating in this as a champion of Deity Guy. He lost against Get-Off-the-Lawn Guy in the first round, actually being disqualified when he tried to cheat at a fishing contest.