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Free Comic Book Day Man


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Expensive Comic Book Day Man

Free Comic Book Day Man is the robotic spirit of Free Comic Book Day.


Free Comic Book Day Man existed long before Martians created life on Earth. Records show that he has been around since ancient times, when he helped Greek children obtain copies of "Archie and Socrates". He supposedly kept a young Ethan Crane from taking more than one copy of "Lincoln and Jughead" during the Civil War, and has many other adventures during his long lifetime. One of these adventures involved adopting the name "Joe Free Comic Book Day Man" and working to stop a ring of comic book smugglers.

In the late seventies, he destroyed the first Welkman's Funnybook Emporium in a battle. On one Free Comic Book Day, Mike P and his friends went to a comic book store to partake of the goods. A man there attempted to take more than one of each copy, and tried to take the whole store, but was stopped and beaten to death by Free Comic Book Day Man. When an employee attempted to stop him, he was also beaten mercilessly and supposedly killed. However, he did remove a shard of metal from Mike P's eye, and then gave him an eye-patch. He also gave Purple Lamp an autograph and allowed Baco to ride him.

March Meekrat Madness 2009Edit

Free Comic Book Day Man participated in this tournament as a champion of Deity Guy, and won his first round against El Santo. He then lost in the second round when Agent Villain convinced him Free Comic Book Day was being compromised elsewhere.

Race Against the SunEdit

Free Comic Book Day Man aided Cinco de Mayo in stopping Elvin Clovar from ruining Free Comic Book Day.

March Meekrat Madness 2010Edit

Free Comic Book Day Man will be participating in this, again as a champion of Deity Guy. He defeated the Archaic English Society in the first round in a lawn darts competition, but lost to Kareem and the Camel in the second in a mystery-solving contest.

Comic Genesis Spotlight 2006Edit

Free Comic Book Day Man was the focus of "Free Comic Book Day Fisticuffs", which is so far the only thing the Meekrat Entertainment Group has published.