Fahktard Kahnt

Alter Ego

Fahktard Kahnt


Space station mogul

Base of Operations

Kahnt Tower on the Space Station Projexxx



Team Affiliations

No information


Honky Kong, various personal bodyguards

Notable Aliases

Fahktard Kahnt the Third


Can fire lasers from his space suit and is super-durable inside his suit


Fahkyu Prihk (Mother), Mann Kahnt (Father)



Fahktard Kahnt is a futuristic villain and, somehow, television show character.



Fahktard Kahnt is of African-American descent (well, not technically "African-American", since there's no Africa nor is there America in space) and the only son of Fahkyu Prihk-Kahnt (his mother) and Mann Kahnt (his father), two of the wealthiest and best educated citizens of the Space Station Projexxx. From an early age, Fahktard saw how useless and stupid the other children in the Projexx were and often became disgusted by their wasted potential. Fahktard knew that he was better than the other children because he chose not to give up on his future, and so Fahktard vowed to one day own the entire Projexxx so that the other children would all know just how pathetic they were. To this end, Fahktard would, day-in and day-out, study and achieve like no other child in the Projexxx--and the other children hated him for it. Most simply dismissed Fahktard as an "oreo", a black man who displays more qualities stereotypical to caucasians, but there were some who hated him so much that they only dreamed of doing him bodily harm.

The AccidentEdit

One day, an especially angry child snuck into the science lab (he had to sneak in, as no other child in the Projexxx but Fahktard could even pronounce the word "science", let alone enroll in a science class) and started mixing together various acids and bases. Thinking that the fizzing, hissing, sparking mixture would turn Fahktard's face white and make him look silly, the child placed the chemicals on the burner and waited for Fahktard to show up. When Fahktard arrived, he noticed the chemicals and very carefully turned off the burner. A potential crisis had been averted. And so the angry child leapt from his hiding place, pulled out an aresol can and a lighter, and set Fahktard's face aflame. Luckily for Fahktard, there was always a chemical shower nearby, so he quickly soothed his relatively minor burns. At that point, the angry child tackled Fahktard, pushing him out of a closed window, the breaking glass permantently scarring Fahktard's face. When the episode was over and police investigated the incident, there were no witnesses (forget the twenty or so people who saw the event occur), only bystanders who continually recited the phrase "snitches get stitches" and the rhyme "tattle tail, go to jail, don't forget your ginger ale".

Rebirth of DeterminationEdit

March Meekrat Madness 2010Edit

Fahktard Kahnt is a participant in this tournament as a champion of the Stupid. He lost to Honky Kong in the first round, failing to woo Murgatroyd.