Evil Pyramid
Evil Pyramid
You can tell he's evil because of the goatee.

Alter Ego

Evil Pyramid



Base of Operations



Digital being (pyramid-class)

Team Affiliations

No information


Tiny Pyramid


Stella Octangula (former)

Nancy Roth (former)

Notable Aliases

Pyramid #5


Keen tactical mind


Papery Pyramid (clone source)

Numerous other Pyramid clones


Plasticine Cube

Metallic Spheroid

Papery Pyramid


Kid Cube

Gary Gygax (former)

Arthur C. Clarke (former)

Mike P

Evil Pyramid is a clone of Papery Pyramid who is evil.


Be warned, traveler: There be spoilers ahead.

Evil Pyramid was a clone of Papery Pyramid, created by Nancy Roth. He showed up to Papery Pyramid's door with an army of evil clones and asserted that Papery Pyramid should lead them to glory by eradicating all the other non-pyramids. After Papery Pyramid refused, Evil Pyramid started attacking the other denizens of Cyberspace. He started with Plasticine Cube, who seemingly died in the attempt. He then set out to attack Shizamablock. He was stopped by Metallic Spheroid, who had gained the power of a Green Lantern, and ordered the formation of the Multi-Pyramid. After Spheroid's defeat, he accepted a challenge of "Dungeons and Dragons". After Spheroid torched the Multi-Pyramid with a flame-thrower, Evil and Tiny Pyramid retreated.

Later, Spheroid came and tried to strike up a conversation with Evil Pyramid, who refused. He was next seen plotting with Tiny Pyramid to create a a pyramid-city. He tried to hold off his enemies while Tiny Pyramid absconded with the planes. This would prove disastrous, however, as Mike P would use the mighty power of his arms to literally tear him a new one. After being put on the mend, he and Tiny Pyramid were joined by Cy-Cube-Borg, and a plan was hatched. He was next seen in the Arena of Sport, where he and the Multi-Pyramid attempted to kill Metallic Spheroid, Papery Pyramid, Shizamablock, and Kid Cube. Upon Cube's timely return, he escaped to re-join his compatriots and was healed. He stood by and accepted the defeat of Nancy Roth rather gracefully.

Choose Your Own BlogventureEdit

Evil Pyramid was present at the battle for the world that came, but like many, remembers none of it.

March Meekrat Madness 2009Edit

Evil Pyramid participated in this as a champion of the Stupid. While he was defeated by Player Two in the first round, he and Tiny Pyramid later made their way to the planet where the tournament was being held and joined in creating chaos.

Time-Mind Sync-WarpEdit

Evil Pyramid and his fellows were later joined by Stella Octangula, who made them wear clothes. This clearly embarassed them, and so he willingly told Metallic Spheroid where to find Stella.

March Meekrat Madness 2010Edit

Evil Pyramid will be participating in this, once again as a champion of the Stupid. He will be joined by Tiny Pyramid and Cy-Cube-Borg, but they lost to Charlie Charleston in the first round in a pants-off dance-off.


Evil Pyramid has a keen tactical mind. Other than that, he doesn't have much going on.

Friends and AlliesEdit

Evil Pyramid's closest ally, and perhaps friend, is Tiny Pyramid. His only other true ally is Cy-Cube-Borg.


Evil Pyramid's enemies include most of the other denizens of Cyberspace, as well as Mike P, whom he will never forgive for ripping him.