Alter Ego

Kurt Fallstead



Base of Operations

Club 51 (New York, NY)



Team Affiliations

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Notable Aliases

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Eight feet tall

Extreme flexibility

LSD-laced golden skin

Disco ball in his chest


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Basset Hound Brigade

Disco is the living embodiment of disco, and an enemy of the Basset Hound Brigade.


Disco was born with a disco ball in his chest and an elongated bone structure which made him eight feet tall and able to bend enough to, in his words, "suck his own dick". At some point, his skin also became golden and laced with LSD, so that whoever touches him gets high and, should you touch him for more than a few moments, you die of an overdose. Disco is immune to this, however. He spent years lashing out a world that didn't hate and fear him so much as were befuddled and confused by him since he was the living embodiment of something that didn't exist yet. Once disco rose to prominence, however, so did Disco. He ruled the scene with a golden LSD-laced fist, and ran many illegal operations on the side. This led to him coming to the attention of Mister Lucky, who unfroze the Basset Hound Brigade to deal with this and put an end to Disco (also disco). While they ultimately succeeded in helping deal the final blow to disco, Disco himself escaped, and lives to this day, planning his comeback. Disco will never truly die.

Disco was present at the battle for the world that came, but likely remembers none of it.

March Meekrat Madness 2010Edit

Disco is participating in this as a champion of the Stupid, defeating the Amazing Rando in the first round in a match of Pong. He lost to Leo Leopolous in the second round, becoming his prey. Not dying, though. Just getting beat up a bit.


Disco is over eight feet tall and is able to suck his own dick. He also has LSD-laced golden skin, and a disco ball embedded in his chest. It is a birth defect.

Friends and AlliesEdit

Disco had many henchmen and henchwomen, all dressed appropriately for the theme.


Disco hates the Basset Hound Brigade and rock and roll. He also has a long-running feud with the Mastakat.