Dick Douglas

Alter Ego

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Private detective

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Team Affiliations

Basset Hound Brigade


Jojo Jenkins

Notable Aliases

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Nantucket Dragon Group

The Man in the Black Hat

Dick Douglas is a private detective and member of the Basset Hound Brigade, usually accompanied by his manservant Jojo Jenkins.


Dick Douglas was just a typical New York detective in the 1920s until he was contacted by Horatio Chan to gather together the members of the Basset Hound Brigade. He did so and assumed he was also a member, something Chan eventually accepted. He went on many adventures with the team, and was regularly sent into cryogenic hibernation during the team's off years. However, once he and the others found out that Mister Lucky had an immortality serum, they demanded they recieve some. There are also rumors that Dick Douglas was dead for a time, but now he is alive and continues to be a moderately valued member of the team to this day.

March Meerkat Madness 2010Edit

Dick Douglas participated in this as a champion of Lamp Prime, accompanied by Jojo Jenkins. He lost to Graves in the first round, but was present for the rest of the tournament.

March Meekrat Madness 2011Edit

Dick Douglas and Jojo Jenkins are set to participate in this year's tournament.


Dick Douglas has some investigative skill.

Friends and AlliesEdit

Dick's most stalward friend and ally is Jojo Jenkins, and he tolerates the rest of the Basset Hound Brigade to some extent.


Dick's most hated enemy is the Man in the Black Hat. He also dislikes the Nantucket Dragon Group and has a vendetta against Adam Supreme.