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Crazy Jesus is a crazy guy who looks like Jesus. Also, he rides a flying cross.


Herman Smith was an electrical engineer who was called to Castle Valerium for a job one day. Why a castle run by a brilliant (if slightly insane) scientist needs an electrical engineer is anyone's guess, but it happened. He went into the catacombs of the castle and became hopelessly lost for several months, slowly losing his sanity and a lot of weight. He finally made his way out of them and wandered into Doctor Derangemo's lab, where he happened upon the means for his escape: a flying cross which protected its rider from the elements. He took it and flew out of Castle Valerium as fast as he could, eventually crashing it into a church where several people remarked how much the man looked like the crucified Jesus (at this point, his clothes were just barely covering him and he had stigmata-like wounds). They then noticed he was crazy, and so he became Crazy Jesus.

Crazy Jesus was a force for harmless chaos until he met Mad Monkey Jesus, and together they fly around causing (and sometimes fixing) problems. They regularly raid Castle Valerium.

March Meekrat Madness 2010Edit

Crazy Jesus and Mad Monkey Jesus lost to Doctor Derangemo and Tampon-Bot in the first round of this as champions of Deity Guy. The contest involved stealing an item from Castle Valerium.


Before losing his mind, Crazy Jesus was a skilled electrical engineer. Afterwards, he was pretty much nothing without his flying cross. One of his preferred tactics is to fly over people shouting, "CRAZY JESUS GONNA GET YA, CRAZY JESUS GONNA WET YA!" at which point he wets them using a bladder-belt developed by Doctor Derangemo and stolen from Castle Valerium and worn under his loin-cloth. Many people think they are being wetted by something else.


Crazy Jesus usually doesn't stay in one place long enough to make enemies, but he's surely earned the ire of the residents of Castle Valerium.

Friends and AlliesEdit

Ditto that about friends, save for Mad Monkey Jesus.

Weapons and ParaphernaliaEdit

Crazy Jesus' most notable piece of paraphernalia is his flying cross, which protects him from the elements and travels at incredible speeds with incredible control. He also has the mentioned bladder-belt, which is a belt made of a series of rubber balloons with a small hose coming from it.