Codename: Lucky Charms

Alter Ego

Charles Earhart-Lindbergh-Algernon Junior


Antiques store operator

Base of Operations

Earhart-Lindbergh-Algernon's Age of Restoration (Detroit, MI)



Team Affiliations

No information


No information

Notable Aliases

No information


Skilled at appraising antiques

Some adventuring abilities


Mister Lucky (father)

Amelia Earhart (adoptive mother)

Anne Morrow Lindbergh (mother)


No information

Codenames: Lucky Charms is a normal young man who runs an antiques store.


Codename: Lucky Charms is the fabled Lindbergh baby, actually the son of Mister Lucky and Anne Morrow Lindbergh after the latter seduced the former. In order to keep his son, Mister Lucky abducted him and sent him into the future to be raised by Amelia Earheart. This turned out to be the modern era, and Amelia and Charms opened an antiques store.

March Meekrat Madness 2010Edit

Codename: Lucky Charms was attacked in his store by Agent Villain. He warded off the attack.


Charms's occupation caused him to travel quite a bit, and at one point he found himself in the United Kingdom where he took Kinetosphere back to the United States on behalf of Britain Sandy. Later, Sam Hain sent an artifact to the antique store which unleashed a British creature which could only be stopped with the aid of Graves, Jimmy Swift, Logan Keanu Solo, and Shrugs.

March Meekrat Madness 2011Edit

Charms called Charleston Charge for help with a kappa attack, and after repelling the creatures, the pair set off to investigate.


Codename: Lucky Charms is a normal human with a good eye for antiques and some adventuring skill. He has some skill with the ladies.

Friends and AlliesEdit

Charms makes friends wherever he goes.


He also makes many enemies, many of whom carry long grudges.