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Cat (mutated)

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Cinco de Mayo


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Notable Aliases

Harlot Cat


-Cat-like reflexes

-Retractable claws


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Charlotte is a mutated cat and member of Cinco de Mayo.


Charlotte was a nameless kitten in a pet shop. While Mike P initially took a shine to her, she mewed at someone else and he took this as being an act of harlotry, dubbing her to be a "Harlot Cat". That night, she was stolen by Dox the Elf and experimented upon by Degenerate, then placed back into the pet store. The next day, Mike P came and purchased her, with the intent of punishing her harlotry. He was unable to think of anything to accomplish this due to the cuteness of the kitten. That night, Degenerate's experiments took hold and Charlotte became humanoid, freaking out Mike P in the process. This made it much easier to punish her, however, though he was talked out of it by Jerald. After Talia Andreos created a collar to accelerate Charlotte's speech, the cat-girl left, hurt that her supposed owner (and everyone else at the Resort) seemed to hate her so much.

She wandered through the desert and was eventually attacked by Bangles. She was rescued by Mike P and the others, but left the resort anyway in order to find her own way in life. She was next encountered by Pikapunk and Mike Q on Free Comic Book Day. While Pikapunk was swiftly killed, Mike Q managed to warn her that Dox was after her, and went on to say he admired her attitude. At some point later, she was given a disc to keep safe until it could be used. It was taken from her as she slept, and she sought the help of Cinco de Mayo,Count Fikeb, and Wallis to recover it. It is unknown whether or not they succeeded.

March Meekrat Madness 2010Edit

Charlotte is participating in this tournament as a champion of Lamp Prime, and as part of Cinco de Mayo. They faced the Scottish Boxman in the first round and won, besting him in a gift-wrapping contest. Their second event involved Mister Lucky and a death-trap defying contest. They won, but at a cost. They lost to Charleston Charge in the third round, failing to obtain a bootleg copy of "Homeboys in Outer Space". Charlotte, however, enjoyed the event anyway. It took place at a pop culture convention where she made a new friend.


Since Charlotte is a modified cat, she has retractable claws and cat-like reflexes.

Friends and AlliesEdit

Charlotte calls all the former residents of Mike P's Resort her friends, as well as those on Cinco de Mayo.


Charlotte, as a cat-girl, is a natural enemy of Bangles.