Paci Custodis
Paci Custodis Crest

Type of Organization

Hunters of the supernatural


Loosely-knit confederation


The Messengers

The Paci Custodis are a loosely-knit confederation of supernatural hunters.


As long as there have been monsters, there have been those who hunt monsters. The modern day Paci Custodis is simply an extension of this fact, and have their origins in ages long past. Most scholars believe that the Paci Custodis, as we know them now, originated in Babylon as a special branch of their army designed to deal with the inhuman threats mankind had to face at the time. As evil was beaten down, however, individuals began to take over the hunt, and these tales have been passed down as the myths of the ancient world.

Around the time of Jesus of Nazareth, their mode of operation was changed forever when an object of power was discovered, one that could grant great powers to those who defend humanity, though at the ever-mounting cost of their sanity. Despite this heavy burden, many still took up the call, and the world remained fairly safe from the supernatural forces that threatened to destroy it. It went like this for centuries. Recently, the object of power was destroyed and the once carefully regulated power escaped into the world to grant its gift on unsuspecting members of the population, leading to people completely unable to cope with the power granted to them.

The Crest and NameEdit

Paci Custodis Crest

The Paci Custodis crest.

The crest of the Paci Custodis is a white gryphon battling a black hydra on a field of orange. This is rife with symbolism, but basically boils down to good versus evil in order to keep the balance of the world. Also, it looks sort of neat.

The group's name is a mangled translation of "Keepers of the Peace". Many scholars believe it was originally called the Pax Custodes (Peace Keepers), but due to the lack of official records and Latin becoming a dead language, it became what it is today. In case you're interested, it translates to Peace of Keepers of.

The Object of PowerEdit

The object of power is a wooden stool, widely believed to be built by Jesus of Nazareth during his days as a carpenter, and most Christian Paci Custdois scholars accept this. However, non-Christian scholars believe this is a load of malarkey and claim the stool's power stems from any number of things. A brief list of things the stool is believed to be:

1. A stool built from the wood of the burning bush that spoke to Moses

2. A stool built from the world of the World Tree

3. A stool sat upon by Buddha

If the Paci Custodis kept better records, the entire debate would be resolved. When it was whole, the wooden stool would grant power to whoever touched it. The only power that was transferred to every Paci Custodian was the ability to recognize supernaturals. Other powers include, but are not limited to, precognition, bursts of strength and power, increased awareness of the natural world, and the ability to draw supernaturals to you. These powers come at the cost of one's sanity, and while the cost is initially very low, it becomes increasingly more dire as the powers are used.

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