Barry, He Who is Death

Alter Ego

The Grim Reaper


The Grim Reaper

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Cosmic Anthropomorphicization

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Reaping souls

Able to travel easily anywhere in time and space, and take others with him

Other undefined abilities


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Anyone who escapes his grasp

Barry, He Who is Death is, obviously, an aspect of death.


When the first being came into existence, so did Azrael, and when the first being died, Barry was brought into being. Azrael, for some reason, has taken on the countenance of a manager and tries to run death like a business. This aggrivates Barry to no end. Since Barry has been around nearly forever, he has been behind the scenes of most happenings in the Meekrat universe. Barry's biggest pet peeves are his horse, who needs glasses, and the fact that Animaniacs popularized the fact that one could challenge death for a new generation. Barry does not need to be present for every death, but he does need to meet a monthly quota.

Barry spent a week messing with Perverto on behalf of Azrael, and later encountered a mysterious entity who lifted Pikapunk's curse.

March Meekrat Madness 2010Edit

Barry didn't participate in this event, though he did appear towards the end when Baggy Jesus O'Malley the Jew went on a murderous rampage. Later, he thought he finally got Metallic Spheroid and Mike P, but it was a trick by the Embodiments.

March Meekrat Madness 2011Edit

After Pikapunk was accidentally dumped into the ocean by Owen Reilly and Antwon, Barry arrived to reap him. Pikapunk called attention to Barry's new beeper, which caused Barry to seek out Azrael to find out why so many people were dying. After taking two weeks of vacation, Barry appeared in Lord Tentacula's dorm room. This will lead to Barry's participation in events.


As an aspect of death, Barry can reap souls and travel effortlessly through time and space when he's not on vacation. While he can travel into the past, he does not like to. He has many undefined abilities linked to this.

Friends and AlliesEdit

Barry does not make friends easily. Azrael is his manager and he has a horse that he does not like. Barry likes people who welcome death, and struck up a friendship with Pikapunk due to Pikapunk's curse.


He really hates those who escape his grasp for one reason or another.