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Not much to see yet, but we're working on it. We were just tired of its links leading nowhere. Agent Villain is a member of CAST, and is pretty much the most evil non-Embodiment in the universe.


Agent Villain, born Kraven Blackthorne, has a history shrouded in mystery. During the 1970s, he joined CAST, and immediately set about becoming both its top agent and the biggest threat to its survival. He survives to this day, and has recently come once again to prominence as the head of a re-born CAST.

Choose Your Own BlogventureEdit

Agent Villain was present at the battle for the world that came, keeping up appearances as a double agent. This consisted of him attacking his own allies and them claiming he was doing it to trick the enemies. Unlike many people, he remembers what happened that day. He later showed up as the head of the new CAST, throwing agent after agent at a problem, no matter how many died. This was seen as his dedication to the solution of the problem.

March Meekrat Madness 2009Edit

Agent Villain participated in this as a champion of the Stupid, winning against Shrugs in the first round (by knocking him off a roof during an archery competition). He later defeated Free Comic Book Day Man by tricking him into leaving the planet. However, he forfeited against Metallic Spheroid in the third round in order to further the plans of the Red Scare. He was later seen escorting the Animajor off-planet, disguised as Player Two.

Agent Villain later returned, without the Animajor.

March Meekrat Madness Group 2010Edit

Agent Villain is participating in this, once again as a champion of the Stupid. He defeated Leroy Cancer in the first round and defeated Charlie Charleston in the second, killing him in the process. In the third round, he lost to Leo Leopolous, failing to reap as many souls. He is also acting as a member of CAST, and as part of that team, defeated Tom and Brendan Phillipson in the first round at a laser tag match. He was not present for the laser tag match against Pikapunk in the second round, and he sent Fake Fred to take his place in the third round against Jonathan Hortenz and Steve the Chach. CAST then lost this event.

Agent Villain has also been working to undermine the tournament, having Fake Fred kidnap Howard Cosell and luring Mister Lucky into a brutal fistfight. This was in order to make Mister Lucky late for his battle alongside the Archaic English Society so that Fake Fred could force Free Comic Book Day Man's hand. Later, he manipulated Mister Lucky's Cinco de Mayo event which resulted in Mister Lucky's death.


Agent Villain has many abilities. One of his most notable ones is the ability to never die, accomplished by a series of clone bodies and some mind voodoo or something.


Agent Villain hates all life, especially Mister Lucky.

Friends and AlliesEdit

Agent Villain has no friends or allies, only people who have not yet outlasted their use.